Monday, January 2, 2012


Yellow Branch Falls... 

Rach and Bryan invited us to go hiking with them and were bringing a "surprise" for us... Kaci!!! We had the best time up at Yellow Branch falls which is right across from Stumphouse Tunnel. I actually have NEVER been there, and Rach found it and wanted to take us. It was a fun little hike and a beautiful waterfall! AND SO GOOD to catch up with Kaci Rackley!!! (We never get to see her now that she is so smart and getting all of these extra fancy degrees at UGA!)
Back to the college days. So many memories in their apartment... :) Love and thank
God for these friends!
Jon didn't ditch us this time :)

Kaci is just so brave and daring :).. we decided that her trail name is
"Spotty" since she spotted the falls first. She is so cool!

It was gorgeous, and the Lord even gave us a little rainbow to admire! :)

Bryan panning for gold... thanks to the gift given to him by his sweet
wife, Rachel!

Can you tell she was a ballerina? 

Kaci picked the verse for this fall...
Galatians 5:24... "And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires."

Bryan, Rach, Sarah, Kaci, Jon, Steph and me... it took us two tries for me to be able to
get in the picture by the time the 10 second timer snapped the shot! :)

Such a cute little hiker! :)
Thankful for a great morning hike followed by a DELICIOUS, fun lunch with Wanna Mae and Mrs. Cutliff!

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