Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I didn't realize how much Daniel is picking up on this golf sport. As you recall from the video several weeks ago, Daniel has a great swing. I genuinely believe that this boy will be a good golfer... He loves the sport already- he is TWO and just wants to go outside and play GOLF. He used the drain in the yard as the "hole", and he'd move the golf ball around the yard and try to hit it into the hole. It was incredible!! Smart boy. He makes Bopa, Uncle Roe Roe and Grandpa Kline very proud, for sure!

Daniel's  practicing running... he's going to be a runner
along with his golfing career :)

Approaching the front nine (that's what we call our front yard...)

Gonna par this hole- going for 4 to the drain...

Oops... accidentally hit the ball out of bounds into the mulch. Looks like we'll have to drop
and take the penalty.

Hole in 6... double bogey. Not too shabby for a 2 year old!
Right into the drain. Home sweet home!
Feeling accomplished. Time to grab a
DDP and some cheese and peanut butter crackers! (we want to be just like Bopa)
GREAT day on the course!

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