Thursday, December 20, 2012


In honor of Christmas that is right around the corner, I thought I'd share some memories of our family from Thanksgiving... a picture's worth a thousand words!!

Kathryn loved Foot Foot, our neighbor's cat. She was chasing him ALL around the yard!!

Best friends!

Gigi and Ellie

Gigi, Boppa and Kathryn Louise

Uncle Clough and Aunt Lisa

I love this boy!

We Campbell girls know how to eat!!!

After lunch some of us sat around and listened to Grammie play the piano... and this
time Ronnie joined in!!

It was such a fun day with the family! And It would be a shame if I didn't show you a few pictures of the crew who helped make the day a success....

Daniel, our little chef!

Kathryn, our taste tester... (very important job!!)

Daniel and Ellie, our clean-up crew!
And Benton, our cutie pie!
Happy Thanksgiving- 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Our family is big on traditions. Anybody who has spent a holiday with my family knows this.

With that said... here are pictures from our Christmas tree hunt!

Every year since we were children, our family has gone to a Christmas tree farm to adopt a little green family member. Many of you have seen pictures from previous years. These will look similar, we just keep adding little family members.

So happy the Wilson family could be home for the grande adventure!
Benton and Daniel were so excited to find a tree...

This is the tree they selected for Gigi and Boppa's house...
Maybe a TAD on the large side!

Thumbs up- Thumbs down... who will the lucky winner be this year??

It was a big decision, but Big D pulled through!

We love the Wilson girls!!

We successfully selected a tree and I'm pleased to announce that we have enjoyed it immensely. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Merry Christmas... and Happy Thanksgiving, late!

I would like to confess that it has been far too long since I have blogged. Life has been so incredibly exciting in the last few months! After all, it's been FOOTBALL SEASON! (but we won't mention that last game...)

Along with football happenings, Monroe and Katie have successfully moved to Clemson AND we've moved our office and are finally settled. All of the files are moved, most of the furniture is permanent, the walls are painted- now to find the perfect finishing touches. We've enjoyed working in our new place in Pendleton and boy have we been busy! So very blessed to work with my family... just wish the ARIZONA family would move back!!

Kathryn Wilson :)-- when they visited for Thanksgiving

I am going to attempt over the next week or so to post pictures of the kids. It's been far too long since the blog world has been updated. I also owe you a little office and house sneak peak! I'm so sorry to those of you who have contacted me... and do realize that I have left you all hanging. :) SO, be watching out!

The outside of our work of art... :) So happy to be in historic downtown Pendleton!
 I'll post more pictures of the interior...

UNTIL THE REAL UPDATES, I leave you with a few Smetana family pictures. These were taken downtown Pendleton right outside our office... What a cute place to be if you've never visited! Come see me!

And if I didn't post this picture below, I feel like I would be a failure! Look at that little Ellie... future pianist for sure! (Or she can be like me and go to piano lessons so she can shoot hoops....) :) 

Thankful for this little family... now, back to work!