Thursday, January 27, 2011


Still Thankful for Kathryn...

(and probably will be every post from now till the 365th one... get used to it! :))

Tonight Dad, Mom, Benton (He's been having slumber parties at Bopa and Gigi's) and I went in to Greenville to eat dinner with Matt and Rach (and to visit Kathryn). While we were there, Kathryn's BFF was able to visit (Kate), and Kathryn had SO much fun with her! They are getting along just great- I am so glad to know that Kathryn will have such good friends growing up. :)

Kate and Kathryn are sure to be BFF's!

Benton LOVES his little baby sister (He doesn't realize she's for keeps yet... hopefully he'll still
love her when he figures that one out!:))


I could do this for hours....

Just in case you've missed the memo, I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL!
She is such a gift from God!

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