Monday, January 28, 2013


Last weekend Ronnie and I went to a wedding of a friend of his from Clemson. The wedding was beautiful- in Augusta right down the road from Augusta National. We drove to the wedding with Tanner and Hannah, friends of ours. It was a great day! 

Friday, January 25, 2013


Happy 2nd Birthday, Kathryn Louise!!

While Matt is away, the rest of us will play. We have had a GREAT time with Rach and the kids here in town! And it was so much fun to celebrate Kathryn's birthday yesterday! She had a little princess party and boy did she play the role well!

Silvia made burrito's for us and they were DELICIOUS! Grandma Kline was able to come celebrate with us, and Grammie sent along a birthday pound cake in her absence. We missed having Grammie Lou who is the one Kathryn is named after.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures of my little princess!!

4 generations :)

Kathryn LOVES bows! This is what she did when she opened one from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Dan!

Campbell girls love food!! :)

Benton and Daniel helped blow out the candles on Grammie's cake

After a long night of presents, cake, singing and playing princess, these sugar-filled children
needed to relax and watch sprout with Boppa. What a great end to a wonderful 2nd brithday!!

LOVE YOU, Kathryn!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Happy Birthday (belated), Sarah Louise!!

For Sarah's birthday our family took a trip to Highlands, NC to eat lunch at a restaurant our sweet friend's family owns. We met up with Laura Kremser and ate at Southern Belles (delicious!!!), and almost had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant. After lunch we wandered around downtown Highlands and had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying Sarah's birthday celebration.

I love my sister and best friend and am so thankful for another year of life with her!!

Sarah and Jon at lunch

Ronnie and me with Laura... so very thankful for her friendship!

Laura's parents are behind Sarah in this picture... they were so sweet to make all sorts of
extra treats for us for lunch. They even made baked apples that were OUT of this world!! Delicious!

My awesome parents :)

Laura gave Little D a stuffed animal after lunch. He was so excited!!

Downtown Highlands missing our other two sisters!

Daniel wanted to buy this shirt at one of the children's botiques...
and we all thought he was a perfect, sweet, innocent child... hmmm......

The Old Edwards Inn, a GORGEOUS Inn downtown Highlands

And this would be the "traditional" birthday cake for Sarah... Merry Christmas Tree cakes!!



PRINCESSES don't EVER cry over spilt milk... :)

Love my little Bubble Belly Ellie!

Life with Ellie is NEVER dull..... :)


We love the Wilson Family!! At Thanksgiving I snapped a few pictures of them and am just now getting around to editing them. Can you tell it's been busy in the household of the Campbell's??

It was so neat to have them here over the holiday, and of course many of you know that Rach and the babies are currently here while Matt is in boot camp- he's going to be an Air Force chaplain. We're so proud of him, and especially grateful that he sent his family here for the time being. :)

Love you guys and wish that Arizona and Clemson were closer!!!


Congratulations to my friends Jonathan Rollins and Janet Custer on their engagement. I had the privilege of taking engagement shots with them a few weeks ago, and this is what we captured...

So happy for these two friends of mine and how the Lord has brought them together!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Over the holidays Jon and Ronnie took Sarah and me on a special trip to Asheville. When Sarah turned 16 we did this exact trip with our family, so it was extra special to be with our guys! We first stopped at the Grove Park Inn to see their gingerbread houses. We had the best time walking around, sitting by the (massive) fire, sipping on coffee and listening to the hustle and bustle of Christmas excitement. After, we went to dinner at the Deer Park Restaurant, which is on the property of the Biltmore Estate. The guys had planned dinner there before we went on a candle light tour of the estate.

There were so many funny stories that night... for example, while we were eating dinner the electricity went out. We ate buffet style in the dark for over an HOUR! And to make it more intense, it was the Friday that "the world was supposed to end!!"

Lots of laughs over that trip and I'm so thankful for our guys for planning something so special!!

Gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn

The sky was SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Somebody had written this on the window and the light was shining through so perfectly to catch it with my lens.

Ronnie and me at dinner

Monday, January 7, 2013


Time to catch you up on my trip with Ronnie to Florida (In OCTOBER... I'm a little behind). Ronnie's mom and Danny take a month every year and spend time in Palm Coast, Florida. This year I was able to go along for the ride and we had the best time! We stayed with them for a few days and spent our time relaxing, eating delicious food, and exploring St. Augustine. What a great time getting to know Ronnie's family- they are wonderful!

Palm Coast, Fl
This was the view from our condo... beautiful! I'd like to go back today...
While we were in St. Augustine we visited the Fountain of Youth... Ronnie hasn't aged a bit since he drank that water! 
Michelle (Ronnie's sister) and Dannie (Ronnie's step-dad)
Trying on the gorgeous hats of the day...
Style at its finest!

The fort in St. Augustine
Beautiful sunrise we enjoyed every morning!

 Palm Coast, can we come back now??