Saturday, April 21, 2012


What a fun Saturday! Started off with the Young Life "color run" 5K at Nettles park. Rach has a few students who kept inviting her to run the race, so she called us up and BAM, here we are!
Before... :)
After! Thanks to Rach for inviting us for a fun little run!

We had a great time- thankful for these friends and the energy of the YOUNG LIFE workers... it was a tough little course running around and around Nettles. :)

ALSO, FELIZ NAVI DAN!!! We celebrated Dan's birthday tonight by throwing a fiesta! Carrie invited their friends and we had the best of times!
Dan looks the part... 
I'm pretty pleased with this picture. I feel like it captures
the emotion of the moment well!
So glad Ronnie could make it... he makes an excellent Spaniard!

Silvya made the most DELICIOUS dinner... all from scratch!
Mark and Ronnie were playing some tunes and little D grabbed his instrument and
just walked up and started playing with them.
He is precious!
What a great Saturday! Much to be thankful for-- happy birthday, Dan!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Just thought I'd note Sarah's correct form.... what a talented little sister I have. I think the one-eye-closed-stance gives this novice away.

Thanks to Monroe for the lesson. Now Sarah has a false security in her ability to shoot a hand gun accurately.

World, watch out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, I've fallen a bit behind... so let's play catch-up! (Dear Sarah, Carrie and Rachel Burton, this is for you...)

Since I have blogged...

1. Cross Impact had their national conference in Clemson. It was such a great week- Tyson and Amy Schrecengost stayed with us (and our family just loves them! Such a blessing to be with them!!), and their two children Titus and Alli. We had the best time that week, and even took a few trips to the airport. After the conference Dad had a flying lesson (refresher course) with one of the students who is a pilot, so the boys came out to see him take off...
Ahhhhhhhh! They are a match for sure!

Listening to the control tower...

I hope these two never realize how cute they are!

Checkin' out the plane...

Up, up and awaaaay!
2. We have celebrated Aunt Karen's Birthday (as well as Grandma Kline's 80th!!!!)...

Aunt Karen is the queen of birthday treasure hunts... so we decided to have one for her!

The three little pirates found the treasure!
3. Since I've blogged several of my friends have accomplished something major.... first 1/2 marathons!!!
I'm so proud of all of them. I enjoyed running the 5K with Hollie Scott (what a great accomplishment, Hollie!), and then we chased down all of our friends to snap pictures, pass out gatorade, and cheer cheer cheer!
Cute little runner... Daniel wanted to run so badly!

Here they are about to come through the finish line!

So proud of these ladies... love them!

MADISON!!!! Finished her first half!!!

My little man :)

Daniel was rockin' the wrap... it's chilly after a long, hard run! ;)

Congratulations, FRIEND! YOU DID AWESOME!!!!

Jon and Sarah ran together-- and Dan worked one of the water stops.
I think this picture is so funny... looks like dan is passing something very conspicuously to Sarah... hmm....

You know, just another practice run...
I'm so proud of all of my friends!! Congratulations!

4. EASTER! He's risen, and that is so exciting!!! What a blessing that our faith isn't just a religion, but we can have a relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior, who not only died for us, but three days later ROSE from the dead, victoriously defeating death and sin.

Thank you, Jesus!

Had a wonderful day- family came over for lunch, as well as a few extra additions (who are practically family!). So glad to have Jon and Ronnie with us, as well as Inny Inny (Ann) and Mary Lee Bailes.

So glad Ronnie and Jon could come... and Great Aunt Broy!

Love this lady!

:) He is pretty awesome... yep!

Ellie wasn't too fond of the Easter Bunny....

Carrie and Dan

Well... that is a good little catch-up for today. I will attempt to be a better blogger.

I do want to say that the Lord has been so kind to me over the last few weeks. I praise Him for wonderful time with my family and friends, with Ronnie... encouragement in the Word, even on days when I wasn't particularly encouraged. God is kind!

(Rachel Burton, I am now caught up.) :)

OH, and the masters practice round last Wednesday was a blast! So thankful to have the opportunity to go with Dad! Great date day... you can never get too old to go on dates with your dad!