Tuesday, June 19, 2012


(Obviously you can see that I am playing catch-up today!)

CELEBRATING the engagement of one of my very first friends from elementary school!! I love Caralee Jordan like a sister. Ever since we met in 1st grade we have been friends, and she is definitely a true, loyal friend. We share so many memories together, some good and some hard. From basketball victories to hospital visits, we have lived life together.

One thing that I appreciate about Caralee is her heart for Jesus. She is an encourager and that is displayed daily through her life. I've never known somebody who was so positive through times of physical trial and pain. She is truly a trophy of God's grace, and I thank God for allowing me to know her so closely and see her dependence on the Lord.

I'm so happy for God's provision in her life in bringing Matt along. He is such an incredible guy- such a gentleman. I'm so thankful that God has provided that for my sweet sister... she deserves the best, and Matt is definitely getting THE best.

I had the privilege of spending a few hours with these two after their engagement. We went to an old corn mill to explore, and this is what we found. Between love, laughter and a beautiful sunset, we captured a sweet love story written by a KIND Heavenly Father.

Never a dull moment with Caralee!

I can't get over her GORGEOUS ring!
Ronnie and my mom came and helped me... they are such great assistants! :)
 (Mom not pictured- but here in our spirits) :)

CONGRATULATIONS, sweet friend!! Love you!!!!


Last week my family and some friends were able to go to a Laura Story concert in Belton. It was a TON of fun and a huge blessing! The neatest part is that Ronnie was able to reconnect with Laura's husband, Martin, who had discipled him in high school through Young Life.

What an encouragement- beautiful evening worshiping God in the Belton square!

A little blurry, but you get the idea! Such a talented, godly lady.

At the cute little depot- what a fun place for a concert!

Jon, Ephae and Katherine... 
Catherine, Aunt Karen, Josh and Christian
Ronnie and Martin


Had the privilege of taking engagement shots for my dear friends Brooke Parks and Brad Glenn. It's such a neat story how these two met!

Christmas of 2010 there was a pretty big snow storm here in Clemson (all of about 6 inches!), and so a group of my friends decided to drive to the Dikes here in town and go sledding. (It's a Clemson tradition- anybody who has grown up here or who has been a student at Clemson knows what I'm talking about!)

So, my friend Brooke was going to join us for the day. Brad was headed to the dikes but lived pretty close to her, and I asked if he could swing by and pick her up. He did.... and little did he know at that point he would be marrying this girl in a little less than a year from TODAY!

I'm so thankful for how the Lord brought these two together and am excited to see Him with through their time of engagement and marriage. It's been so neat to see one of my friends from childhood ENGAGED to one of my dear friends from college!

You just never know HOW God is going to work!!

Here are a few of my favorites...

Quite possibly my favorite....

This picture has a lot of significance.... the first time Brooke and Brad went out, he picked bouquet of wildflowers for Brooke from the farm. (which is Brad's family farm- where these pictures are taken.) They both went to Clemson (which is how I even met Brooke ...which is how she met Brad!), and this is the vehicle Brad picked Brooke up in the day they met.
:) So much wrapped in one little shot. LOVE!

Can't wait for all of the fun times to come with these two!


Just want to state that I LOVE HER and am THANKFUL FOR HER!


Ronnie and I have a little bucket list of things we want to do this summer, and one of them was to go on a random trip... so we picked a few waterfalls on Memorial day, packed a lunch, and conquered! It's amazing that though I've been to this waterfall so many times, it never gets old!

Sarah and I love this one- we call it "Create in Me a Clean Heart" falls. :) It's so neat because you hike in about a mile along the creek, and at the end of the trail is this GORGEOUS fall. It's neat to see the natural progression of the forest cleaning itself out- lots of dead trees fall and wash down the waterfall- it's just like what God is doing in our lives. As we grow and change, He takes the "old, dead trees and brush" (our old nature) and washes it away- He cleans us and makes us new (progressive sanctification, baby!).

SO, all of that to say... we had a GREAT time worshiping the Lord in His creation- beautiful day!
Kings Creek Falls- one of my favorites!

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Pretty cool back-drop for an eno....

Ended the beautiful day with a promise from God... thankful!

Monday, June 11, 2012


My Best Friend's Wedding....

SO THANKFUL to have spent some time in Florida with my dear friend, Julia Dawn Clement. In fact, I was able to spend time with MANY dear friends from college.

Sarah and I made the trek to St. Pete Beach, Florida for the celebration of Jules and Victor. It's so neat to see how the Lord has provided for Julia- she and Victor are absolutely perfect for each other. We had a great time at this destination wedding and enjoyed our slow trip back through Savannah, GA.

Isn't Jules just beautiful? Her youngest two brothers
walked her down the "aisle"- it was precious!
Beautiful day for a wedding. It was so special for Victor's dad to be able
to perform the ceremony.
Love my best friend!

Jules and her incredible, beautiful mom.
Thankful for a wedding week in St Pete Beach, FL.

On our way back Sarah and I took a detour for a couple of days in Savannah, Ga. We had the best time walking around Savannah, eating tons of food (including the famous prailines... mmm!), buying local art, taking lots of pictures, laughing... we had the best time together. It's been so busy this last year and I feel like this was a really great time to catch up with Sarah and just spend time together!

I love finding hearts in furniture... beautiful Savannah, GA.

This is the home of the famous pralines, and they are
Sarah and I ate dinner one night at the Olde Pink House. It
is the oldest mansion in Savannah and the food was delicious.
What a FUN way to spend an evening!!

Love the architecture in this old city.
Thankful for Sarah!
After our stop in Savannah, Sarah and I stopped in Columbia so that she could print her ID and meet with her advisor at USC. It's hard to believe she'll be headed off to grad school in just a few months. Unfortunately we lose her to Arizona for the summer (which is really exciting for her- and she will have some awesome time with Matt and Rach), but then she comes home and to grad school she goes.

Thankful for this time with Louise, and for the time celebrating Jules and Victor. AND thankful for safety!

Now, thankful to be HOME.