Saturday, March 24, 2012


Off to North Augusta to visit the fam....
Infront of Grammie's dad's store... on our way to N Augusta we
stopped in Plum Branch.

This is the house that Grammie grew up in...

Ronnie and Lara performed the rap they wrote when Lara was in town :)...

:) Go Tigers!

We decided to pretend that the rocking chairs were a roller coaster.
The lady who took this picture probably didn't know what to think.
We didn't really care what people thought of us by this point in time.
We were having fun. :)

Who do you think won??

Sarah and Lollie... beautiful ladies!

Thankful for Cdawg and Aunt Lisa!! Love them so much!
Thankful for our morning trip to Visit Uncle Clough, Aunt Lisa and Lara! We had the best time watching their wedding video (and celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary which was yesterday), hanging out, eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel, riding the rollercoaster outside the restaurant,.....

Thankful for my family!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Happy Birthday (again) to Elizabeth!

Had a great time tonight celebrating my sister (I am claiming her) Elizabeth. She had her 13th birthday party at Abernathy park. It was a perfect night in Clemson and we got to eat s'mores, watch a movie, laugh a ton and just celebrate her life.

Love the Bundrick family so much-- they really are family to us!

So thankful for her!

Fun night-- happy birthda E!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Spent yesterday with Elizabeth and Daniel. The other day in the office Daniel came over and said "Auntie Alli, tomorrow we can go on a date!" Of course I responded with the typical, "Where are we going?" to which Daniel responded "The airport!"

How can you resist such a date invitation? Not only is the little guy adorable, but WHO can say no to go on a date to the airport?!

Beautiful day!

These days are priceless...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Thankful that SPRING IS HERE!!!! And that the trees in the yard are in full bloom!

Carrie and Ellie

Such a fun little bubble-belly Ellie!

Cherry Tree...

Most incredible parents of all time!

Beautiful colors- so thankful that our Creator made life so colorful and beautiful!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Thankful for a full weekend of meeting new people, celebrating a wedding, traveling, shopping, spending time with Ronnie and his family and friends, seeing Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (where Rdizzle went to seminary), drinking Starbucks (that we drove 10 minutes off of the interstate to find... in the middle of a mall... a free-standing Starbucks... we have problems.), visiting North Wake Church, ...

So thankful for so many things. Here are a few pictures to re-cap.

Ronnie's dad's dog... BO... is just tiny and precious!

Bo, once again. Smallest dog I've ever met.

So good to meet David and Amy and spend time with them!

Ronnie and his Aunt Wanda and Uncle John. So thankful that
they were willing to house us for the weekend, feed us, welcome us!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We've REALLY enjoyed having Rach and the kids in town this week. Sad to see them head back to Arizona, but so excited for what God is doing out there.

Enjoyed snapping a few quick pictures of the boys... Daniel and Benton just love each other. They are BEST FRIENDS. Daniel was so excited last week because "my friend is coming"...

Monday, March 12, 2012


Thankful for Sarah and Jon... and that they are celebrating 2 years of dating today. :) How fun!!!

So cute... love them!!!

Sarah on her way to her room to see what surprise awaited her...

Bam! A BEAUTIFUL dozen long-stemmed red roses.
Jon did good.
First time giving her roses... so sweet!
Thankful for these two and how God is using them and how He's using their relationship. What an awesome couple... :)

(alsA, happy birthday to RONNIE!!!! Enjoyed so much spending time with his sisters and Jeff in Greenville. So thankful to celebrate with them!)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Happy Early Birthday, Ronnie!! Surprise... a day full of them!

Cards from the fam... sometimes the best gift!

Typical. Allison eating and Ronnie drinking coffee.

Card from Sarah Lou. This sums it all up.
 Tonight Rhonda and Jeff threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Ronnie at their venue in Greenville. If you haven't checked out Zen in downtown Greenville and you're looking for an event place, you NEED to see it. It's beautiful! Anyways, Rhonda did an incredible job planning a party for Ronnie, and he was so surprised. It was so exciting, and we're so thankful for all of his family and friends who could make it. Even his sister flew in from California! Special night!
Rhonda and Jeff have a friend who is an artist in Greenville, and he painted this picture of Jesus
as a gift to Ronnie while they played a song Ronnie wrote (Rest) and then another song from the CD
his church in NC put together. Incredible! Check him out- his name is Jared Emerson.

Beautiful venue with lots of family and friends!

:) Love them- so glad to be friends with these ladies!

Josh and Lacey

Beautiful Madison and Lauren...
Ronnie's gift from me. This is the type of wrapping you get after
you've been dating a month. (blanket....) :)

The one and only Bear Grylls... attire... just for Ronnie!
So thankful for Ronnie, for his friendship, for his love for the Lord, for his influence on all who know him. Happy Birthday... early!!!!