Monday, September 10, 2012


Hardwoods are in... now for sanding and refinishing. It's been such a fun process and the house feels so different. It's like we've gone from walking into an old, stinky house to new construction. It's amazing how much change can take place with a little (LOT) sweat and updating.

For those who are following...

View of living room- painted and ready to sand. Notice the front door is black and my
hardware is updated. Thanks Mom and Ronnie... :)
(It's been very helpful to date an engineer!)

The beautiful designer :)... and electrician, and plumber, and project manager,
and painter, and HVAC specialist. . .

You can see they are in the process of sanding down the floor. The orange is going allll away!

Picture of the den

On the right is the finish that will be done in the house. It's actually just the oak flooring with a poly finish- no stain.
Below the diagonal plank of wood  is the old hardwood floowing, and the upper hardwood
is what they just installed. You can't even tell
a difference between the two once they are sanded down-- amazing!

I must say I love this ceiling fan. Just had to post a picture. :)
(Thanks, Dad. . . also an electrician, plumber, project manager, HVAC specialist,
Landscape architect, grass mower, weed specialist, . . .)
All the update I have for now. Thankful to see the brainwork come together!

THANK YOU to all of my friends and family who have spent hours and hours and hours and hours. . . helping me!

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