Friday, January 25, 2013


Happy 2nd Birthday, Kathryn Louise!!

While Matt is away, the rest of us will play. We have had a GREAT time with Rach and the kids here in town! And it was so much fun to celebrate Kathryn's birthday yesterday! She had a little princess party and boy did she play the role well!

Silvia made burrito's for us and they were DELICIOUS! Grandma Kline was able to come celebrate with us, and Grammie sent along a birthday pound cake in her absence. We missed having Grammie Lou who is the one Kathryn is named after.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures of my little princess!!

4 generations :)

Kathryn LOVES bows! This is what she did when she opened one from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Dan!

Campbell girls love food!! :)

Benton and Daniel helped blow out the candles on Grammie's cake

After a long night of presents, cake, singing and playing princess, these sugar-filled children
needed to relax and watch sprout with Boppa. What a great end to a wonderful 2nd brithday!!

LOVE YOU, Kathryn!!!

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