Thursday, January 24, 2013


Happy Birthday (belated), Sarah Louise!!

For Sarah's birthday our family took a trip to Highlands, NC to eat lunch at a restaurant our sweet friend's family owns. We met up with Laura Kremser and ate at Southern Belles (delicious!!!), and almost had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant. After lunch we wandered around downtown Highlands and had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying Sarah's birthday celebration.

I love my sister and best friend and am so thankful for another year of life with her!!

Sarah and Jon at lunch

Ronnie and me with Laura... so very thankful for her friendship!

Laura's parents are behind Sarah in this picture... they were so sweet to make all sorts of
extra treats for us for lunch. They even made baked apples that were OUT of this world!! Delicious!

My awesome parents :)

Laura gave Little D a stuffed animal after lunch. He was so excited!!

Downtown Highlands missing our other two sisters!

Daniel wanted to buy this shirt at one of the children's botiques...
and we all thought he was a perfect, sweet, innocent child... hmmm......

The Old Edwards Inn, a GORGEOUS Inn downtown Highlands

And this would be the "traditional" birthday cake for Sarah... Merry Christmas Tree cakes!!


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